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Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 06:39:10 +1000From: iarwain7 Subject: Double The Trouble. Chapter 24.This story is dedicated to Tim Mead and Mickey S for their friendship,interest and encouragement over the years.Story Description: Peter, a sixteen year old Year Eleven student, finds hisnew High School very different to the one he left. The people aredifferent and some of the happenings are very different.The home interview.Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read.If you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read.If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read.Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.The author retains copyright (2006) to this story. Reproducing this storyfor distribution without the author's permission is a violation of thatcopyright.This story is fiction.Thank you Nifty for the opportunity to post this story.Chapter 24.Beth was relaxing on the sofa when Peter came in so he walked over and satdown for a cuddle. She'd had another great day and four of the clients hadsigned on the spot. She knew Rob's recommendation had been a big influencebut it was still very positive for her."It's almost too much for one day a week already Peter. Two clients need aregular weekly time and Rob's relative will Lolitas Toplist need at least a full day eachmonth with the way they're set up. There was another inquiry abouton-location work as well, and if I decide to do that I'll already beoverbooked.""It's going to work isn't it mum?""Robs coming round tomorrow morning to go over the numbers with me. Hesaid all along I'd get more work than I could possibly cope with, and itcertainly looks that way.""Wow, what are you going to do next Friday? If you get any more clientsyou won't have the time for them.""I have to make up my mind this weekend."She gave him a big hug and a grin."I already have anyhow. I only have to fill two days and we're better offthan four days work with Gordon and Porters."They talked some more, then headed into the kitchen to organise the night'smeal. ---- "Hi there Peter.""Hello Mr Crossman. Come in."Peter took one look and was glad he was wearing some of his good clothes.Mr Crossman was looking much smarter than the casual jeans and shirt heusually wore to school. In fact Peter felt an internal jolt. Wow! Hereally was good-looking."Um, thanks for coming.""I don't know about that. By the smell of things I should be thankingyou."Beth rescued Peter, introduced herself and made her own welcome, then saidthe meal was ready."Peter, Mr Crossman might like to freshen up. Would you show him round?"That only took a moment and they were all seated. Beth was smiling. Gosh!She liked him already."I hope you enjoy the soup. Peter can take the blame if you don't since hemade it, as well as the salad.""I'm sure I'll enjoy them. What sort is it, Peter?""Um, it's home-made with those Swiss brown mushrooms, some asparagus tipsand garlic and butter.""Mushrooms! I'm addicted. Have you ever read Lord of the Rings? There's apart in it where the main character gets chased by dogs for sneakingmushrooms from a farm, and I always think they could have put my name thereinstead."Wow! Peter was Lolitas Toplist won over even more. His favourite book of all time hadturned up in the first few minutes of conversation. Beth laughed aloud."Don't start him Mr Crossman. He's read that book at least three timesthat I know of."Mr Crossman's eyes sparkled."Is that so? Well my tally is five. And please. Call me Andrew. I'm notused to this Mr stuff yet. That means you too Peter.""Yet? You make it sound as if you're new to teaching?""I am. I've had six months on contract, but this is my first full year.""Truly? I had the impression from Peter that you must be quiteexperienced. He tells me you're the best teacher he's ever had."Oh no! Why did she have to say that? Now he was embarrassed."Well thank you Peter. That's quite a compliment.""Um, would you like some more soup?"For whatever reason that set both Beth and Mr Crossman smiling, but hedidn't say no. The meal progressed with easy conversation and Mr Crossmanshowed real enjoyment of everything that was served. Not surprising reallysince Peter felt the same. Beth had cooked a great platter of her specialveal schnitzel with the crunchy coating, and a bowl of some delicious stuffwhich she said was mainly beef and bacon with cheese toasted on Lolitas Toplist top. Withall the roast vegetables and salad it made a real feast. Mr Crossman wasreally interesting. He loved reading and Beth said he might like to lookat Peter's collection of books later if he didn't have any othercommitments. He loved surfing and hiking. Peter listened in amazement tothe description of a gigantic trek he'd undertaken in the long Christmasholidays."Twenty-one days? Three weeks of food! Your pack must have Lolitas Toplist weighed aton!""It did Peter and my camera gear didn't help either."Beth had cooked a golden syrup pudding for desert, and asking for hishelping caused Peter quite a shock."Mr Crossman, could you load a full slice onto my plate please?"His mum was by herself on the side near the kitchen so she could fetch andclear easily while Peter was opposite and next to Mr Crossman. Since thepudding was in a free space next to him, Mr Crossman had to do the honours.What? Had he said something wrong? Mr Crossman was looking at him andshaking his head."He's usually a fast learner Beth. Do you mind if I reinforce the lesson?"Beth nodded and this was followed by a tug on the hair at the back of hisneck. What was he doing? The pressure increased till there was a nip ofpain then backed off."So? What's my name Peter?"Peter kind of lost it for a moment, because his neck was tingling and thesame electric shiver went through him that he got when Matthew touched him."Um ...Andrew!""Again!" This was followed by another tug."Andrew!""And again!""Andrew!"Peter sat forward to hide his reaction.Sheba! He'd gotten a boner from his teacher. Three little tugs. Theconversation passed back to the food and then an explanation from Bethabout her study and hopes for Hall Accounting. Thank goodness it went onlong enough to let him settle down."What about you Andrew? Have you tried any other type of work besidesteaching?""Not really. Except for the usual part-time jobs to help me through Uni,stocking shelves and working in a twenty-four hour petrol station. I wasluckier than most since I managed to get a studentship with on-campusaccommodation. It meant I only had to find enough cash for books andfees.""So you've really gone straight from university to teaching?""Last year was a worry till I managed my six-month contract but hopefullyI'm set now.""I thought there was a real shortage of mathematics teachers?""There is. But my contract won't be confirmed at the end of the year Lolitas Toplist Lolitas Toplist Lolitas Toplist if myteaching's not good enough."Beth gave a smile as if to say he didn't have anything to worry about, thenstarted clearing things from the table. Mr Crossman helped and veryshortly the three of them were sitting in the living room."I must admit I've been quite puzzled about this interview, Beth. Petersaid it was personal but I've seen no sign of any problems. He's wellliked by all his teachers, and from what we can tell, his classmates too.He's certainly won huge respect for his swimming efforts.""Andrew, the school's been wonderful for him. For the first time sinceprimary school he has real and close friends. We moved here partly for mywork, but mainly because he was being bullied and persecuted, and his lastschool and Lolitas Toplist the teachers didn't seem to be at all able to do anything aboutit. He'll tell you why himself as that's quite personal too, and I'mhoping you'll feel happy to talk to him about it."The color rose in Peter's cheeks. His mum was expecting him to talk abouthis big dick to his teacher? Beth gave him a hug."Andrew is very understanding Peter. I'm sorry Andrew. I'm being ratherlong winded. Our concern at the moment is that Peter has decided to letthe other students know he's gay and we're worried about the generalreaction.""...I see. Well, I don't really see. I think I'd advise you not to tellthem at all. It's none of their business and secondary schools can be verynegative about this."Beth was showing little signs of agreement which made Peter wonder if she'dchanged her mind. That wasn't so."That's what I thought too Andrew, but Peter's sense of loyalty tells himto support Matthew. You explain the situation Peter.""Um, Matthew's gay too, Lolitas Toplist and everyone is going to find out next week and I'mnot going to tell lies about us."Beth pushed in there."Andrew. Matthew and his father Rob are our best friends, and Rob suggestedwe speak to you because you were so understanding with Matthew.""Thank you Beth. I thought I had a clash of confidence there. Peter. Idon't understand why Matthew would say anything. Has something happened tomake him change his mind?""No sir! He wasn't even going to tell me, but we're swimming against hisold team in the next competition and they were awful to him. He knowsthey're sure to say things but he won't stay away because he doesn't wantto let coach and the team down.""Hmm! Loyalty should be rewarded Peter. Well, we've got a short-termproblem of protecting Matthew at this competition and a potentially moreserious situation with the general school community. I'll talk to yourcoach. He needs to be aware of what's going on and I know he'll watch likean eagle to look after Matthew at the competition. The bigger issue is howyour team-mates take it, since we can't realistically stop Matthew's oldteam from making a comment. What's your impression of your team Peter?I've heard they're a rowdy lot.""Andy says they'll all look after Matthew.""Who's Andy?""Andy Hillier. He's my best friend. He's in 11 C.""Andy Hillier? I don't teach him but his name is often mentioned. He hasquite a reputation round the school. He's friendly with that big ladcalled Martin isn't he?""Yes, that's him. He lives just across the road.""And he's your Lolitas Toplist best friend?""Andrew, Andy might have a somewhat tarnished reputation with his teachers,but he has a heart of gold. He's told Peter and Matthew that the team willsupport them and I have complete confidence in him. I'm not worried aboutthe team.""Well if that's the case there's the general student body left, and we'llhave to play that by ear. We have two year twelve students who are havinga rough time, but their troubles emanate from one particular class.Peter's group is a particularly nice one and in general respect and admirehim, so I'm certain they'll be supportive too. But of course I can't besure. Is there anything specific you'd like me to do?""Andrew, for my part I want Peter to be able to gauge the kind of supportyou and other teachers will give him. He was let down rather badly in thatregard at his last school and with the potential trouble he's facing now, Ihope he'll feel he can get support if ever he needs it. I'm not asking theschool to solve his problems. We're both well aware of what can happen ina student community, with no blame to the teachers, but Lolitas Toplist we don't want toface a wall of professional indifference either.""Mum, this school is different."There was a time of strong silence before Mr Crossman gave his reply."Peter! I hope you're right! And I think Lolitas Toplist you are. I know Mr Gunn willsupport you fairly, and so will your coach. Beth, I have someunderstanding of bigotry and prejudice and I'll fight hard for Peter'sright to be happy at our school."There was another, even stronger silence. Peter thought Beth was going togive Mr Crossman a hug."I'm sorry Andrew. I let my feelings show didn't I? When are you comingfor tea again?"Peter felt like he couldn't keep up. One second they were both strong andforceful, the next happy and relaxed, and he listened in a daze as Bethorganised a repeat meal in two weeks time."Peter, you look after Andrew till we have supper at about half nine."Beth headed for the kitchen, leaving Peter feeling quite flustered till MrCrossman gave him a friendly wink and asked if he could see thebookshelves. Ten minutes later Peter was totally enjoying himself. He'dnever met anyone who knew more about his kind of books than himself.Andrew left him for dead."Hey, you've got Lolitas Toplist the Earthsea trilogy, Peter. Archmage Ged. Have you readthe fourth book?""Fourth book ...Of a trilogy?""Sounds peculiar doesn't it, but everyone's always going to call it atrilogy. It tells what happens after Ged loses his magic."The book talk went for twenty minutes and then at interspersed intervals.Peter started his computer to find some other books by an author calledRobin McKinley. Peter had one of hers called `The Hero and the Crown'which Mr Crossman hadn't read and evidently there were some much morerecent ones."Matthew bought this whole computer set-up for you?""Yes, and he bought the big one downstairs for mum too. Just `cause shegives him such good hugs.""And I guess yours was for much the same reason was it?"He was very quick to pick up on things and when Peter blushed and saidnothing that hand rested on the back of his neck for the second time."You confused me earlier Peter, when you said your neighbour Andy was yourbest friend. Matthew's more than a friend isn't he?"Peter nodded, and that pressed Mr Crossman's hand harder against his neck.Oh My God! It was happening again."Well I hope things go well for you. It's wonderful to have someonespecial."Peter heard the words and thought about them later. At the moment he wasninety percent distracted. At least it was easy to readjust himselfwithout being obvious this Lolitas Toplist time. Mr Crossman moved away and Peter's headswivelled to watch him at the next bombshell."Um ...Peter!... I hope I haven't got this wrong, but Beth gave me theimpression she wanted me to talk to you about sex?...No? I can see by your reaction it must be something else."For some reason his mum wanted him to talk all about his last school.Well!"Yes, she meant what they teased me about so much before I came here.""Oh, I think I've worked that out. I've heard your nickname in class. Areyou rather well endowed, as they say?"Peter just couldn't help smiling. At the moment that was extra, extratrue, but thank goodness he was comfortable and well disguised by his looseshirt."Yes, I hated it! They never stopped teasing me at that place!""Hated or hate?""It's all right now. Andy got me out of it, but Mum must still worry.""Andy again? It sounds as if he's a great help to you.""Yes, he's amazing! Mum calls him her King Arthur after we went away for aweekend."Peter explained the incident with the shoving and the hamburgers."He sounds like a wonderful friend. It's a lesson to me to make my ownjudgments, because I've mainly heard he's an idiot.""Um... He is!"That made Mr Crossman laugh."I see! He's like that is he? Now he sounds like fun as Lolitas Toplist well.""That is so true! We never know what will happen next. Mum had to putblonde tips in his hair when he walked in with a bright red Mohawk."The time flew and Peter really opened up. By the time Beth called themdown for supper they were talking about anything and everything. MrCrossman left after saying thank you for his very first home interview,which he was never going to forget, stirring Peter for not doing enoughmaths, and holding a plastic container with the remnants of the mushroomsoup."And remember Peter. No kissing Matthew in the school ground or there'llbe rumours."Boy! He was a bit like Rob in a way."He was interesting wasn't he Mum? I didn't think an interview would befun.""Very interesting Peter. What did you talk Lolitas Toplist about besides your books?"As Peter related the main topics he realised how much Mr Crossman had foundout and wondered if he'd said too much."Duffer!" This was one of his mum's special words, "You can tell himanything. He's your friend now, not just your teacher. We'll be seeinglots more of him from now on."Jeez! That was why she sent them off together while she did the dishes?Peter gave a querying look and got one of Beth's happy laughs in return."You were right Peter! He's the nicest teacher you've ever had, and I hopewe get to know him better." ---- A nakedbody snuggled next to him and Mr Long was getting very excited. Mmm! Thatwas so nice! What? It wasn't a dream? His eyes open and he huggedMatthew tight."What's happening?""We're reading for a while then studying physics.""I meant how come you're here? We were meeting at training.""Dad was coming round to talk to Beth and I missed you so I came roundtoo.""Yum!""Yum? do you want breakfast?""No, I want you!""Do you want me on top or underneath?""On top. I'm still half asleep."Some games followed which very quickly rid Peter of his sleepiness."Are we really going to study?""You were the one who said we needed to Peter. We still haven't properlycaught up on horror day and we can't do it this afternoon like we planned.""Why not?""We're meeting Brent at two for Lolitas Toplist training then we're going for a drive inthe country.""Hey, what happened with him last night?""He had a try of my guitar.""Yeah sure, did he try anything else?""That's a secret. I'm not telling.""Okay, I won't tell you my secret then."Matthew started a tickle tickle, rather than the pleasure tickle which hadbeen happening since he climbed into bed."That won't work Matthew.""All right, if I show you what he did will you tell me then?"That was a very satisfactory arrangement, though it took much longer thanPeter expected."My God Matthew! Did he keep going like this?""For ages! Now tell me this secret of yours. I don't see how you can haveone though, it was an interview with a teacher.""He gave me a boner.""As if! You'll have to think up something better than that.""And then when we were up here together for over an hour he gave me anotherone."Matthews sat up and stared at Peter who was enjoying this."I don't believe you, except you sound like it's real.""It's true Matthew! I couldn't believe it myself. Three little tugs and Ihad to sit forward in my chair and gobble my pudding.""While you were Lolitas Toplist having your meal?"Peter now had to explain what happened or get murdered. At least, thosewere the options Matthew gave him."Oh wow, do you think he had any idea?""Of course not!""What else happened? Was it a good interview?""It was the best. And guess what? Mum's asked him back in two weeks, justas friends this time, and you and me are going to play squash with him andhe's got books I'm dying to read.""What did he say about us?""We're not allowed to kiss in the school ground.""He did not!""That was just a stir when he was leaving, but I think he meant it too. Hesaid I was lucky to have someone special in my life.""Wow! Really? That sounds like something Beth would say.""I had to tell him about my big dick too. Mum dobbed me in, but he alreadyknew.""How could he?""From everyone in class calling me big D."Matthew thought that was so funny, the teachers knowing about it."You'll be famous all over the world soon. We'll get photos for proof andput you in the Guinness book of records and I'll run the Mr Long Fan-club.""Idiot! Mr Long is reserved for you.""Me? Yeah, and Brent too, and Kenny and all the swimming team, and Banksteam, and now Mr Crossman. When are you going to show him?""Stir some more why don't you! My god! Matthew. If we play squash heprobably will see me.""I'll think sexy thoughts at you Peter, so you get a boner.""And I'll kill you!""No you won't! Just think! You'll be too busy looking back at him whenhe's in the shower. You're the one who said he's so good-looking.""You think he is too though don't you? Come on! Own up!"Matthew agreed and they carried on about each other having the hots fortheir teacher. Eventually hunger called to Peter and they moved to thekitchen."It's all official Peter. I'm giving a week's notice at Gordon and Porterson Monday."Wow! She looked so pleased, and so did Rob. Peter rushed to give her abig hug, which lasted till he realised his toast was burning."A week? I thought you were going to stay with them for another month?""I was, but Rob's arranged five more clients for next Friday, so we don'thave much choice.""A week's being generous Peter. After the number of hours they ripped heroff without any pay, Beth doesn't owe any loyalty."They'd thought it all out, and Beth was going to work four days and use theother one to continue her advanced course. Lolitas Toplist Two of the days would be usedfor the location work and the other two for normal consultations."You'll have to hand in your notebook computer Beth, and if you're drivinground to all those places you'll need another one.""Matthew Peck! Don't even think of it! And anyway you're too late. Rob'scoming with me this morning to choose one."The end of chapter 24.Author's Note.I hope you're gaining some enjoyment from this story.Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.My email address is iarwain7ains.net.auShould you be interested, my other stories can be found by looking under'Iarwain' in the authors section on Nifty.Contact me if you'd like to read the stories in their original Word format.Iarwain.
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